List of prohibited and dangerous foods for dogs

What are the prohibited foods for dogs? Some everyday foods, which are healthy for humans, are not for our pets. For example, dairy or chocolate. The dog’s diet must be taken care of, as it is essential for the proper functioning and development of the dog..The pet will enjoy a full and healthy life without illness or disorders during its evolution. There are some forbidden foods for dogs, you have to watch what your pets eat.
The feeding of dogs must be with feed as recommended by all veterinarians. It is inevitable that many times they will be given some food that people eat. This fills the dog with happiness, apparently, because it is really more harmful than positive for them. For family members, it is inevitable to give them something during meals because of their pet’s wiles to get food. But we must remember that some foods are dangerous and can put a dog’s life at risk.

What should dogs eat?

Some foods that are very healthy for humans can be harmful to dogs. Care should be taken with the intake of the animals. If it can be avoided we should not give them anything outside their usual diet.

It is important to know that dogs do not process food like people do.have the shortest bowel. Food reaches the dog’s stomach faster and is not processed in the same way as we are. Dogs lack some enzymes that are present in people’s bodies. These enzymes help to process certain foods, and because they do not have the same metabolism as people, they should not eat the same food. This is why what animals do not metabolize ends up being stored in their bodies and takes a long time to eliminate.

In food, what for us is a small portion for them is more than the right amount. By giving them undue amounts of food, it is reflected in their weight.
Weight gain to and cartilage,
causing the animal to have bad breath and reduce its mobility.

ticket effects of poor nutrition can lead to poor quality of life for the dog.

10 prohibited foods for dogs

  1. Chocolate
  2. Garlic and Onion
  3. Avocado
  4. uvas
  5. Coffee and Tea
  6. Dairy products
  7. Pecans or Macadamia nuts
  8. Xilitol
  9. Alcohol
  10. sal

1. Garlic and onion:

They are very toxic to the animal, although its effects are not immediate but long-term. Intake of these foods can create kidney failure or anemia in dogs.
. We can notice the toxicity in the dog observing a change of color in the urine, which changes from a yellowish color to orange or reddish. The consumption of any of these products weakens them little by little, they are very dangerous foods for your dog.

2. The chocolate

Oother prohibited food for dogs contains a substance called theobromine, an excitant whose effect is similar to that of caffeine and it’s hard to eliminate. The effect of this substance on the dog’s body is longer, it takes a long time to be eliminated. Of all the types of chocolate that are most harmful is pure chocolate or cocoa powder.

3. The avocado

This fruit contains a substance called persin that is very toxic to the animal. Regular consumption of this food can lead to respiratory failure, chest mucus and gastrointestinal problems. The avocado bone is very dangerous for the dog as it can cause asphyxiation.

4. The grapes

This fruit and its dehydrated version, raisins, are very toxic to dogs. With the intake of very few grapes the dog can develop a kidney failure in the short to medium term.

5. Coffee and tea

caffeine is a stimulant and exciter that can be very harmful. They can cause very serious damage to the nervous system. Dogs should not take this substance under any circumstances. It’s a very dangerous food for them.

6. Dairy products

Like people, dogs can be lactose intolerant. It is advisable to observe the animal for a while when it is given a dairy product. Within dairy products there is one exception, natural yoghurt without additives or sweeteners is suitable for dogs.

7. Pecan nuts or Macadamia:

This dried fruit is a veryn forbidden food for dogs, is not recommended, because of its high phosphorus content. This substance can cause problems in the animal’s bladder. It is not recommended that the dog takes nuts in general.

8. The Xylitol

It is an artificial sweetener found in candies and sweets without sugar, is very toxic to dogs. Intake of this substance in large quantities may result in liver failure.

9. The alcohol

It is a harmful substance in humans, and it is also very harmful to animals, as the effects of alcohol evolve very quickly in dogs. The dog develops very quickly the effects of alcohol, but it takes a long time to eliminate it from his body..

10.The salt

The consumption of salt in large quantities is harmful to the dog. It is advisable not to give the animal food with a high salt content. The problem is that many pre-cooked foods already contain salt.Avoid giving them any food that may contain too much salt.

General dietary recommendations

We have to be very careful with the bones and nuggets. The bones of flesh chipping can occur and get stuck in the dog’s throat, causing it to suffocate. There are some big bones like the cow’s knee that are less dangerous and a good option to give to our pet.

ticket fruit stones are not recommended for our dog either. You have to watch carefully when you give a fruit to the dog and check that it has no stone. Fruit stones can cause asphyxiation in our pets. The seeds of the fruits like the ones contained in some bones, like the heart of the apple, are also harmful to our pet. The nuggets may contain cyanidea substance that can be very toxic to the animal.

What we don’t eat we shouldn’t give to our dog either.

Sugar is a very dangerous food for dogs. These animals have a much more sensitive body than humans and this substance can harm them. Sugar mainly affects the pancreas and can lead to diabetes in the long term.. Diabetes is degenerating the sight of dogs, developing diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

We have compiled some foods from our diet that may be harmful to our dogs. If the animal gets used to eating its food as a puppy, when it has any disease or intestinal problem, it will be easier to fight it. Una Good nutrition in the dog is the basis of its good quality of life.


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