Luxury hotel collects food leftovers to feed dogs in shelters!


Sometimes we are not even aware of how much our actions can change in the world. As soon as you change something that doesn’t seem right and something good comes out of it, everyone can enjoy it.

An example: how much food is thrown away per day? One could reduce and adapt one’s personal consumption of food, but very few do that.

If you also consider how much food restaurants, hotels and supermarkets are usually forced to waste, it can be quite different.

The boss of a luxury hotel wanted to change this and decided to do something about this food waste.

Chef J Gourmet is the founder of a truly incredible action that helps rescued puppies.

It all started when he realized how much food was wasted at his 5-star Fairmont Hotel in Abu Dhabi and started a charity project.

The cook collected the leftover food to feed the dogs and cats living in the shelters. He also received support from the organisation Animal Action (UAE), which also takes care of homeless animals.

On Facebook, Chef J Gourmet published pictures of exactly how the steps for eating from the kitchen to the shelters look like.

“We want more hotels and restaurants to join us in the fight against throwing away leftovers so that they don’t become rubbish but food for other creatures,” the chef wrote in his published photos.

The chef’s initiative was well received by the users and they praised him for his efforts.

“We carefully select the ingredients. No cheese, no desserts, no sauces, no spices and little garlic and onions. We only take meat, fish, rice, vegetables and a few loaves of bread,” said the cook.

Since then, other hotels have joined this movement, such as the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi Hotel.

This chef deserves great applause for his efforts.

Not everyone is able to think outside the box and turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Do you have any idea how to make the world a little better?

Then let us and the other users know in the comment area.


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