Man beat dog in the balcony, witnesses called police, now this person will spend 5 months in prison!


When, unfortunately, animals are tortured, this usually happens hidden within their own four walls or in such a way that often nobody notices.

That is why it is all the more important, if one is to witness such an act, to act immediately and to put everything in place so that the perpetrator is reported and punished accordingly. But in most cases this is out of proportion to the original act.

In Bavaria, a verdict has now been pronounced against an animal abuser that attracted attention.

Imagine you want to spend a nice evening and suddenly you witness a tremendous deed.

The visitors to the Selber Kunstnacht in Bavaria, Germany had a similar experience when they suddenly had to watch a man brutally beat up his little Chihuahua mongrel on a balcony, how the Franconian Post reported.

According to this, the man had held the dog in his arm and at the same time hit the little head until the poor dog suffered injuries in the form of a bleeding wound.

He even bled so badly, the man had to change his pants.

The people around them became attentive to this act through loud howling and immediately called the police. They did not find the perpetrator in his apartment, but only his little son.

He had had to watch the cruelty to animals before. Meanwhile, his father was in a pub across the street.

The officials initiated an investigation and accused the man of a violation of the Animal Welfare Act, for which he had to answer to the Wunsiedler District Court. There he stated that he had wanted to chastise the dog because he had previously done it in the living room.

However, the prosecutor demanded a six-month prison sentence based on his five criminal convictions for assault, embezzlement and fraud. Due to these offences, a suspended sentence was no longer possible.

After the negotiations, the court reached a verdict: the man was given five months in prison without probation. Besides, he’s not allowed to keep a dog for the next two years.

For the judge it was also of great importance that the little son had to witness the abuse and the previous convictions did not speak for a positive social prognosis.

The poor dog was really lucky in his misfortune that so many witnesses became aware of his torment and became active thereupon.

You can’t even think about what would have happened if no one had interfered.

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