Man left dog alone and went on holiday, dog was rescued 1 week later!


As soon as summertime starts, many families and of course singles are sure that a holiday would be just the right thing.

Just relax, make yourself comfortable by the pool or the sea and leave all your worries behind. This or something similar is probably the perfect holiday for the majority of people.

Of course, you must not lose sight of the fact that you still have to organize a lot of things beforehand, especially if you own pets. First and foremost you need someone to take care of the animals that can’t go on holiday.

What was supposed to be at the top of the To Do list before the holiday, didn’t seem to have been quite clear to the man in the following case. He left his poor dog behind, who was on her own for a whole week.

That most animals, especially dogs, need care almost every day should be clear to anyone who keeps such a pet at home.

This makes it all the more important to provide a replacement if you are going on holiday or are away from home for a certain period of time. Otherwise, it could end very badly if the pet is left unattended on its own.

Therefore, it is inexplicable how it could come to the following case, about which the Bavarian Broadcasting reported.

The bad thing was that he hadn’t informed anyone that he was leaving his pet behind.

Dog without water and food

But that can’t be very realistic once you turn on common sense.

So it happened that a landlord called to the police, who immediately set off for the apartment of the man who had gone on holiday.

There the officers found an eight-month-old dog, who was hardly said to have mastered her own senses.

She lived in unworthy conditions, but unfortunately that was no wonder, because at that time her owner had not been in the apartment for more than a week.

The police reported that the dog was covered in excrement and had no access to water or food. In other words, it was rescue at the proverbial last second.

Photo: Police Station Grafenau

The poor fur nose was brought thereupon into an animal shelter and it was initiated against the owner a preliminary investigation. The offence concerns an infringement of the Animal Welfare Act.

Safe and sound from now on

The director of the animal shelter, which had taken in the dog, explained to the Bayerischer Rundfunk that the small Maltese half-breed was immediately taken to a veterinarian after being admitted.

She also said that the dog “smells terrible and was completely dehydrated”.

In spite of what she has experienced, the poor dog is not disturbed and still trustful. The shelter said that it was clear that the dog was happy that she was now being taken care of.

Just incredible how you can leave your own dog behind and go on holiday without a guilty conscience.

Hopefully the owner will receive a punishment that will remind him in the future to take care of his pets.

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