Man slipped on ice and was unable to move, his dog stayed with him for 20 hours and kept him warm!


Our dogs not only protect us, they love us unconditionally and are loyal companions, but can even save us from death.

Dog owner Bob experienced this on his own when he went outside on a cold New Year’s night to collect firewood. Because a short time later he slipped and landed with his back on ice.

He could no longer move, his wife was not at home and the nearest neighbours were a good kilometre away. So Bob didn’t have anyone to help him.

And at that moment, his golden retriever Kelsey came to save him. She even kept him warm, snuggled up to her beloved owner and didn’t leave his side for 20 hours.

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When Bob left his farmhouse, standing on a 40-acre field in Michigan, USA, he wore only his slippers, pyjamas and a longsleeve over them. The clock showed 23:30 and the ground was full of ice and snow.

When he took a step out of his front door, he immediately slipped and landed with his back on the icy ground. He knew that he had broken something, because he could only move his elbows.

Right at that moment, Kelsey came to save him. She lay down with him, snuggled up with him and kept him warm this way. sound Aujourd’hui the doctors believed that by her actions the dog saved Bob from freezing to death.

“He has prints of her paws on her body that were made shortly after he passed out,” said Bob’s daughter Jenny. “It seems she knew that if she didn’t stay awake, my father would never wake up when he fell asleep.”

Kelsey kept him warm day and night.

No one heard Bob’s cries for help and no one paid any attention to Kelsey’s barking because she normally barked outside as well.

Bob suspects that he remained conscious until an hour before a neighbor arrived. According to Today reports, it must have been about 6:30 p.m. when the neighbor tried to collect some chicken eggs.

Bob was immediately taken to a hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and an irregular heartbeat. He also underwent surgery for a herniated disc that went to the spine, so he could no longer move.

Meanwhile he is in rehab so that he can learn to walk again and to have strength for movements.

Source: Aujourd’hui

Bob survived thanks to his faithful dog Kelsey. If she hadn’t been there and kept Bob awake and warm, the whole story could have been fatal.

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