Mother wrote a touching letter to her daughter, and we should all read it before our parents get too old!


Life is like an eternal cycle. One day we are children, and are lovingly cared for by our parents. Years later, when our parents are old, the roles are reversed and we are the ones who have to care.

Our parents may need some help coming around and being driven from time to time, or they may need some help with their daily chores. They may even suffer from Alzheimer’s or another disease that requires a lot of patience and the love of a child.

But with all the stress that life offers, we sometimes forget what our parents have done for us. Be honest – have you always been there for your mother or father as you should be?

When reading the letter from this story, we immediately had to think of our own parents – and one or two tears were also shed. Even if your mother has always been there for you, you will probably not be any different.

In the letter, the narrator reminds her daughter how patiently she took care of her when she was a child and asks her daughter for the same patience and love as she grows up. It is a wonderful reminder of how much our parents do for us and that we really owe them something.

It is a letter that everyone should read before their own parents grow old. Read it below and share it with your friends and siblings.

“My dear girl,

on the day you see that I am getting old, I ask you to be patient, but above all that you try to understand what I am going through. If I say the same thing a thousand times when we talk, don’t interrupt me with the words: ‘That’s exactly what you said a minute ago’. Just listen to me.

Try to remember the times when you were little and I read the same story to you night after night until you could sleep. If I don’t want to take a bath, don’t be angry and don’t embarrass me. Remember the time when I had to run after you to get you to shower when you were a little girl. When you see that I am overwhelmed by new technologies, give me the time to learn and don’t look at me like that. Remember, honey, I taught you so many things: How to eat properly, get dressed, do your hair and cope with everyday things.

I ask you on the day you see that I am getting old to be patient, but above all to understand what I am going through. When I sometimes lose the thread in our conversations, give me time to remember, and when I can’t, don’t be nervous, impatient or arrogant. I want you to know in your heart that the most important thing in the world for me is to be with you. And if my tired old legs don’t carry me through the world as fast as they once did, give me your hand as I gave you mine when you first learned to walk. Don’t be sad when that time comes – just be there for me and understand me as I open the last chapter of my life with love. I will thank you for the gift of the time together and carry it in my heart forever. With a big smile and all the love I have felt for you since you were born, I just want to say how much I love you, my darling.”

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