One last kiss: Giraffe says good bye to her long-term keeper, who is suffering from cancer.


Humans and animals can build connections that are sometimes stronger than those they share with their peers.

Animals are living beings with complex feelings and emotions, just like humans.

This shows the story of a giraffe and its keeper. The animal keeper is dying of cancer and may meet the giraffe he raised one last time.

It’s the sad story of Mario’s Ejis. The 54-year-old Dutchman from Rotterdam was a zoo keeper for many years and always took care of his animals.

As the Independent reports, Ejis devoted a long time and with great love and care to a female giraffe. He raised her for 25 years.

But then Mario got cancer. The doctors realized it was an aggressive form of cancer. Quickly Mario’s state of health became worse and worse.

Before he died, the organization Ambulance Wish Foundation granted him his last wish. See again the giraffe he had raised.

Source: NoresteDigital Online/YouTube

Mario was then taken to the zoo. The organization accompanied him and captured the moving moment when he arrived on a stretcher next to the giraffe enclosure.

Source: NoresteDigital Online/YouTube

The animals recognized their former nurse and provided a goose bump moment. The giraffe he had raised for a quarter of a century approached Mario and bent over him.

Like she knew what Mario was up to, she gave him a kiss. It’s like saying goodbye to her foster father.

Shortly after the last reunion of the two Mario died.

His last wish was granted. May he rest in peace!


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