Owners leave dog at dumpster while it starts snowing


Strong and brave dog may become sad, when an animal is left behind by its owners. That’s exactly what happened in the Knoxville area near Pittsburgh, where a beautiful Pitbull dog was dumped next to a dumpster.

By the time it was found, snow was already falling and the temperatures were freezing cold. Without shelter or a place to warm up, the poor dog looked cold, confused, hungry and heartbroken.

Under the garbage was a dog box, so the authorities suspected that the dog had actually been abandoned instead of just running away from home.

When the Animal Welfare Agency saw the poor dog for the first time, they caught her and then took care of her at the Humane Animal Rescue shelter in Homewood. The first action of the employees was to take care of the dog, then to locate the people who had abandoned her, as reported by KDKA news.

The dog is about two years old and was in good physical condition, although the veterinarians found that she was used many times for breeding.

Now that their owners have been located, the police are considering the best way to proceed with the case. There is a possibility that the owners may be punished for cruelty to animals, but the situation is still being investigated.

For the time being, this beautiful girl enjoys a life of luxury in the shelter, where she is treated like a royal guest. She is the favourite of the staff and gets fantastic meals, she is also treated for parasites.

Despite her difficult experience with the dumpster, she is a happy dog! She has managed to be rescued and taken in where she would be cared for and protected against the harsh winter weather. We wish that all abandoned dogs would have so much luck!

If anything changes during the investigation, this dog may end up back in her home if her owners can prove that she has not been abandoned. But most likely she will find herself on the list of dogs that will be ready for adoption. Would you like to open your home and heart to this beautiful girl? We are sure that she would love to have a loving family with whom she can spend the Christmas season this year!


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