Pediatrician wrote a text about motherhood!


There is no secret formula for raising children, and yet many think they have found it. And when these people discover other parents who approach things differently, they often want to convert them.

Every mother knows: The biased views of other parents, passive-aggressive comments about one’s own parenting methods, and well-meaning suggestions that still feel like criticism.

It’s partly worth it to give a gift of belonging to experts. Well-intentioned advice can help. Parents, friends and family members always have different opinions about the best upbringing.

Spanish blogger Jaione was tired of having to listen to what was ‘best’ for her children all the time. So she gave them a text what she thought was ‘the best’ for all the children in the world to answer the question once and for all.

For all mothers

Her text was published with the title “Lo Mejor”. Jaione from Spain wanted to address young and inexperienced mothers in particular. Her blog is called ‘Más allá del rosa o azul (‘More than pink or blue’), on which she regularly shares advice on parenthood with their readership.

A paediatrician liked the Spanish woman’s words so much that she printed them out and hung them up in her clinic. A mother saw the lyrics and shared Jaione’s Embassy on the social networks. The whole country has been talking about it ever since.

Here’s the text about motherhood:

The best

The best thing is not breastfeeding.
The best thing isn’t the baby bottle.
The best thing is not to carry your child.
Nor is it best not to carry your child.
The best thing is not to lay your child down like this.
Nor is it best to put your child down differently.
It’s not best to wrap your kid up like this.
It’s not best to wrap your child up differently.
The best thing is not to give your kid puree.
It’s not best to give your kid bits to eat, either.
The best thing is not what your mother says.
Best part isn’t what your girlfriend says.
The best thing isn’t that your baby has a nanny.
The best thing is also not that your baby goes to a day care center or stays with grandparents.
The best thing is not to raise your child like that.
It’s not best to raise your child differently, either.

You know what’s really best?

The best thing is what makes you feel good.’
The best thing is what your instincts tell you.
The best thing is anything that helps you feel good.
The best thing is what allows you to be happy with your family.
Because if you feel good, they get the best from you – that’s why YOU are the best.
Because if you feel safe, so do they.

Because if you feel that you are well, then you will be happy and reassured about what will be transferred to your family.

Let’s try to stop telling parents what’s best.

The original contribution in Spanish can be found here:

Source: Facebook/Breast Practices

Wonderful words!

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