Photos of 11-kilo cat trigger a wave of enthusiasm


The Internet, despite all justified criticism, is a blessing: With one click you can find everything your heart desires. The history of this special four-legged friend shows that animals also benefit from the advantages of the World Wide Web. When employees of the “Morris Animal Refuge”, an animal shelter in Philadelphia (USA), posted the following call for adoption on the Internet, they had no idea what it would do:

“O God, the great Mr. B is a PUMMEL. He’s a picture book dumpling. It gives the word a whole new meaning. Can you guess how heavy it is? More importantly, can you give him a home? Adopts this oversized, fluffy and adorable bundle of fur. “Please share this to help this sad-eyed guy to find his happiness.”

However, the fear that nobody would warm up for the 11 kilo hangover was not confirmed. On the contrary, shortly after the call was published, the staff received so many enquiries from interested parties that the shelter’s website crashed.

The enthusiasm for the massive fur ball simply did not abate: The tweet of the animal shelter spread like wildfire in the net and the employees could hardly cope with the flood of adoption requests. After careful consideration, they finally found the perfect home for Mr. B.

In his new home the two year old velvet paw is missing nothing. In order not to alienate the fan community of the chubby Internet star, Mr. B’s new owners have specially set up an Instagram page for him.

With its cozy nature and body fullness, the fluffy Pummelchen even competes with comic tomcat Garfield. Hopefully his owners don’t despair of the cat food bill. The photos leave no doubt that Mr. B feels very comfortable with his new family.


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