Physically handicapped dog is left with a pack of diapers and a letter, look at her amazing transformation!


Adopting a paralyzed dog or cat is not something for every pet owner because it involves a lot of work.

But at the same time it can also be a profound fulfillment, so you should never be deterred from dogs with a disability.

Unfortunately, however, disabled dogs are often abandoned heartlessly by their actual owner.

This unfair fate also happened to the sweet little dog Lunita, who also had a disability, so she was simply abandoned on the street of Salta, Argentina.

Lunita, a medium-sized disabled dog, was ruthlessly abandoned on the street in the early morning hours of May 2014.

Next to her was a letter with her name, age and an explanation.

Her previous owner didn’t leave her any food or drink. The person also stated that she couldn’t keep Lunita, that was the only information.

The dog lay with her face on the sidewalk when she was found; her hind legs were even still in her run-down wheelchair.

Fortunately, one of the dog care workers saw poor Lunita and immediately called the aid organisation LUBA Salta.

Shortly after, two volunteers came to pick up Lunita.

They took the little dog to an animal shelter, from where Lunita was taken to a temporary home. They published information about her online in the hope that she would soon be adopted.

But at first nothing happened – until a family from the United States of America announced their interest!

For this reason, a fundraising campaign was launched to finance the transfer of Lunita to the USA.

Unfortunately not everything went well for the dog in her new home. Her new family did not know how to treat the handicapped dog appropriately.

At that time Lunita was suffering from a very serious staphylococcal infection caused by bed mites.

After the first tragedy the dog had to go through another one. Her prognosis was not very good and her breathing became worse and worse, whereupon she was adopted by another adoptive family.

Due to her illness, scabies and scalding from urine, Lunita lost her entire coat from hip to tail.

She was also underweight; she weighed just 15 kilograms.

Due to a dangerous urinary tract infection, she experienced such pain that every time a veterinarian touched her intimate area or closeness, she screamed loudly.

Intensive care and medical precautions were needed to heal all her ailments, but one day she fortunately recovered.

With her new family and new health Lunita could even see snow for the first time in her life. She travelled a lot, made new friends and even celebrated her birthdays.

June 15, 2018 was one of the most beautiful days in Lunitas life.

She turned eleven that day and she had so much fun with all the people and other dogs that came on her big day.

She even got a real dog cake.

Shortly after her birthday party she didn’t feel well and had to be taken to the intensive care unit where she had to fight for her life again.

Again her prognosis was not good and her breathing deteriorated noticeably.

Every time she was disconnected from the ventilator, her tongue turned blue. At this point, her family decided it was time to say goodbye.

Then Lunita died in the circle of her family.

“I will never forget her and how much she meant to me,” Lunita’s adoptive mother wrote on Facebook.

“She changed my life. I love her so much.”

Lunita’s life ended because of her age and the difficulties she had in the past.

But one thing is clear: her last phase of life was her most beautiful. 

May it serve as a model for all who think that things will not get any better.

Rest in peace, Lunita!

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