Pit Bull is rescued from a dog fighting ring and experienced love for the first time in his life!


Any normal person would agree that dog fights are a terrible thing. Most will probably also agree that those responsible should be punished as harshly as possible!

However, there are many different opinions about what to do with the dogs. If these rings are broken open and the dogs are rescued, what happens to them next?

Some probably think that one cannot help the dogs any more and they should be put down. Others are firmly convinced that the abused dogs deserve a second chance – that they can be rehabilitated and that they deserve as much love as other dogs.

A special Pit Bull called Rescue is the best proof of it. The two-year-old dog has a dogfighting background. He vegetated in a dog sanctuary and was afraid of all the noise and people around him.

A woman took the time to stop and interact with Rescue. As she approached his cage, he whimpered in fear and turned his head away. She spoke well to him in a gentle, sweet way until he finally began to wag his tail.

Finally, the woman reached through the bars. Rescue crawled in her direction and sniffed her hand. She started stroking his head and face and Rescues tail wiggled back and forth. Soon he leaned his head in her direction, pressed against the bars and gave her more and more affection and attention.

Rescues story has a happy ending. He was adopted from the shelter and his new owners give him all the love in the world.

What do you think of the dogs rescued from the fights? Would you consider adopting a dog like Rescue? Let us know in the comments!


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