Police is saying good bye to service dog Ginger, after 12 years in service!


The police do not only consist of the countless civil servants who are on the road every day for the citizens.

They often get active support from animal colleagues. Dogs and horses in particular often provide support during operations.

It can happen that the animals are almost their entire lives in the service of the police and together with their owners become a solid unit.

Accordingly, the great is big when a service dog or horse leaves us.

The police Frankfurt am Main, Germany mourns the death of Ginger, a service dog, after twelve years of service.

Source: Police Frankfurt a. M./Facebook

Frankfurt a.M./Hessen: The police from the town mourns the loss of a loyal colleague.

Police dog Ginger passed away on August 9th. The dog was 13 years old.

For twelve years she was used as a protection and drug detection dog. Police are turning to affectionate words to the dog.

“If your owner or colleagues didn’t know what to do, you were always on the spot.”

Ginger was in action at the Konstablerwache in the Frankfurt am Main area and was “decisively” involved in the successful fight against drug trafficking.

Together with her owner the dog was a real unit, as the police confirmed with touching words:

“You were a faithful soul. You and your owner formed a unit, there was no sheet of paper in between. “You understood each other blindly, you could always rely on each other at any time.”

Source: Police Frankfurt a. M./Facebook

Besides her work in the field of protection and drugs, Ginger was known for her love for children.

She was also involved in charity events such as the “Night of Zoo” or the Children’s Cancer Aid, where she stood by the little ones during the hardest times and helped them.

We would also like to express our deepest sympathy to colleagues and especially to the owner of Ginger.

We would also like to say thank you! Thank you, Ginger! That you have always worked hard to make your environment safer.

Rest in peace, littleĀ hero!


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