Police officer is photographed calming boy in the hospital!


If there is something in this world that cannot be praised enough, it is people who cross borders to help others.

These include policemen, firefighters and hospital staff who do everything they can every day to make other people feel better. They’re all doing a great job.

But some of them still walk the extra mile, so to speak, that they actually wouldn’t have to walk at all. But they do it anyway to give pleasure to another person.

A great example of this is James Hurst, a policeman from Georgia, USA, who recently did everything he could to make a little boy calm down. The heartwarming photos of this encounter were now viral.

In May 2016, a 16-month-old boy was found on the streets of Savannah, Georgia, where he wandered without a supervisor.

The police were called and, according to reports from WSAV 3 News, he was taken to a hospital to be examined.

During this examination, the little boy became afraid and restless, but police officer James Hurst stayed by his side the whole time. He took the little boy in his arms and calmed him down.

“I just knew the boy needed someone to take care of him. It was human instinct; humanity. The hospital staff took great care of him, but he sobbed and cried bitterly. I took him in my arms and after only a few minutes he lay asleep on my chest,” James Hurst told opposite. KTLA 5.

This precious moment was captured on camera and then recorded on the Facebook page at the police station. So far more than 10,000 people liked this post.

Many different media reported on the incident and many thanked the police officer for his efforts. Hurst himself merely said that he had only done his job.

People all over the world were enthusiastic about Hurst’s kindness, but Hurst felt that he was simply doing the right thing and didn’t think it was special.

“We help where we can and that every day and not just me, but the total of 600 policemen who work in this area,” he said WSAV 3.

“I’ve seen Officer Hurst out there on the streets countless times, doing more each time and going beyond what he was supposed to do. Should someone meet him one day, please shake hands with him, he is… just a great soul,” wrote one user, as KTLA reported.

The little boy was meanwhile taken to the social welfare office, is now safe and was in best health, as the police let know.

 This story shows a true hero  who not only did service, but also calmed a little boy in a scary situation, we need more heroes like this!

If this photo also touched you, then please share this article to express your respect to Officer Hurst and all the other policemen who go the extra mile!


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