Police stop transporter with sick dogs and cats, illegally imported from Eastern Europe


Police stop transporter with sick dogs and cats – illegally imported from Eastern Europe

Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany: Now that Christmas is just around the corner, animal shelters, animal rights activists and authorities will be equally careful to point out that pets should not be Christmas presents that are simply given away again.

If you want to give your loved ones a pet, you should be completely sure that you can take good care of it beforehand.

Whether the animals, which the police found in a transporter, were also meant for the holiday presents is not known. Only that a transporter from Eastern Europe had several sick dogs and cats in cages.

Transporter with sick dogs and cats

Probably the police check at the Darmstädter Kreu, Germany  last Saturday was the best thing that could happen to the animals.

The highway patrol stopped a van from Eastern Europe.

The van was full of cages with dogs and cats in them. The animals were imprisoned in a confined space and even in a catastrophic condition.

A total of 30 pets were brought into the cages, many of them ill or injured, most of them illegally imported to Germany.

Animals sick and injured

The competent veterinary office was consulted after the discovery.

21 out of 30 animals were placed under high-dose medication so that at first glance they appeared to be healthy.

Five dogs weren’t even transportable. They were either sick, had fresh surgical wounds or lame.

15 pets didn’t even have papers that would allow them to be imported into Germany. In addition three puppies belonged to the transport, which are a fight dog race, which may not be imported into Germany.

The dogs and cats are cared for by the office and are cared for after suitable accommodations.

Police ask people for restraint

The animals had probably already crossed Switzerland and Austria before. The delivery list, which was secured, suggested that animals had already been delivered in neighbouring countries.

Traders and transporters are now being reported for banned imports of dangerous dogs and infringements of the Animal Welfare and Animal Health Act.

The costs for the medical care and accommodation of the animals will probably amount to several thousand euros.

The police check whether the potential buyers of the animals must also be prosecuted.

In the context of this report, the police also used the opportunity to make a request.

“The police are now appealing especially in the pre-Christmas period: dogs and cats are not Christmas presents that can be given back after New Year’s Eve. Who would like to take up a domestic animal, must think many thoughts, how the life with domestic animal is afterwards realizable.

The police must strictly advise against buying animals from dubious traders. The better address in this context are animal shelters, where many dogs and cats are waiting for a new and loving home.”

Those who want a pet should make sure that it can be cared for properly and that it is of responsible breeding or origin.

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