Policeman rescued two dogs from overheated car


Again and again people, media and authorities have to point out that children and animals should not be left in the car at high temperatures.

Especially with the heat which was this summer, dog owners should keep in mind that they should not leave their fur noses in the overheated car.

In Berlin, Germany,  policemen had to rescue two poor animals from a car shortly before their heat-death.

Two dogs locked in the car at over 30 degrees

police patrol had to smash a car window.

Reason for it were time small dogs, which otherwise the heat death would have succumbed.

A witness noticed two dogs whimpering in the trunk of a car.

Source: Police Berlin

After the police could not find an owner in the immediate vicinity, they had to intervene. One of the two dogs named Cookie and Asti was already so exhausted that he couldn’t even react to a knock on the glass.

Police smash window & save them

The officers had no choice but to smash the window.

How to Berlin courier a police spokesman explains: “The completely exhausted animals were immediately supplied with water and cooled afterwards”.

The dogs were then immediately taken to a police station. The officials published a photo of a colleague who walked with the two fur noses.

Only after hours did the owners come to pick up the two dogs.

Source: Police Berlin

“How many times does that have to be said. “You don’t leave dogs in your car in the heat. the police clearly notice.

Berlin Senator of Justice Dirk Behrend spoke on these incidents, which are increasing with the current rise in temperature:

“With the current heat, the car can become a deadly hazard. Even a leaning tailgate or an open window gap are not sufficient for sufficient air circulation.”

Living creatures that are trapped inside an overheated car quickly find themselves in danger.

At an outside temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the interior heats up within 30 minutes to such an extent that life-threatening temperatures are reached.

If you have a dog or children, please remember: don’t leave them in the car while you’re doing errands or similar things!

This can be fatal!


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