Sad dog got a letter in animal shelter, it melted hearts of everyone around!


It was an ordinary day like any other ordinary day in an animal shelter. Dora, a stray dog who wandered through the streets of a Romanian town, was looked after by the organisation Howl of a Dog.

Dora lived in an animal shelter and was accordingly sad, also because of her fate. Nobody had adopted her and had to live a life on the streets.

Without love.

But in the shelter she got this love. The staff took good care of her, just like all the other animals. But Dora was missing something.

A caregiver or an ownerof her own – someone who took care of Dora all day long.

One day a letter was thrown in at the animal shelter. It was addressed to Dora.

The letter, which was still packed in a parcel, came from Great Britain.

Dora couldn’t wait to open the package.

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The sender of the letter was a family in Britain who had heard of Dora’s fate and had great news: the family wanted to adopt Dora!

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The pictures of the sad Dora, who had a wonderful future through this letter, have already been seen hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube and if you look at them yourself, no eye stays dry!

The British family had written the letter directly to Dora, so the attentive staff knew immediately which dog it was. So now it was finally time for Dora to have her own family. A home of your own! After all those years on the streets.

What: YouTube

But the family was also aware that Dora had to prepare for the long journey first, so she added some toys to the package. This would hopefully make time go faster and Dora would have enough to play until then. That’s a great idea!

Before Dora came to the shelter, she was malnourished and traumatized. Now she is back to her strength and has finally found her deserved place in life.

You can take a look at this video:

“Dora now lives in the countryside of Devon, near many beautiful beaches and with many beautiful landscapes, forests, lakes, rivers… A perfect adventure playground for dogs! And she also has a new friend named Cole – a black Labrador who is now Dora’s big brother and patron saint.”

Such stories really touch me deep in my heart!

Please share this article to pay tribute to all the shelters around the world who are doing everything they can for our four-legged friends to hopefully one day be adopted by a family.


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