Same day, same hospital: married couple finds out after marriage that they have known each other since birth


It’s the stories that most people dream of. love at first sight. When two people meet and feel a close connection from the first moment. Whether you believe in fate or not, there are always examples where both lovers feel that they have found their soul mate.

Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos went to rival schools in Massachusetts, USA, but when they were introduced by a mutual friend, they felt a strong connection.

Soon after, they began to meet. And after nine years of relationship, they got married.

But only years after the marriage did something become public that shocked the two, reports Nouvelles des ATN.

Jessica told me that as soon as she met Aaron, she realized that something was different with him.

“He was respectful and made me laugh,” she reports to the Magazines du MONDE. “He still makes me laugh! Nobody else can. From the beginning, we knew we were right for each other.”

It was a big surprise when the two of them realized that on the same day. Birthday had.

“At first I didn’t believe him when he told me it was his birthday on the same day. It was crazy, I thought he just wanted to conquer me,” says Jessica.

It was Jessica’s grandmother who dug a little deeper and found out that the two were also born in the same hospital.

And there were more discoveries.

It turned out that Jessica and Aaron were the only two children born in the hospital that day. Only two hours away.

Because they were the only newborns that day, their parents even introduced themselves to each other.

27 years later, it turns out that the two have known each other since the day they were born.

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