Santa Claus prays for sick children after visiting children’s ward in hospital


There are reasons why Christmas time is probably the most popular time in the western world. Every year people everywhere try to spread magic, happiness and joy.

For children who have to spend their lives in hospital, it is all the more difficult to enjoy the holidays. When your child is in hospital, this is an experience that parents understandably do not like to have.

So it was all the nicer for the parents and children in a hospital in the US state of Texas when Santa Claus came by.

The man with the long white beard spent some time in the children’s ward and distracted the patients a little from their illness.

Santa Claus prays for sick children

Of course the children did not know who was hiding behind the red and white suit and who was doing so much more than most of the others.

Mariana Whitley Tumlinson, director of the hospital published a photo of Santa Claus.

In doing so, one realizes that it is much closer to the man than just giving a little pleasure to the sick children.

“I always almost cry when I see this picture. Today, after Santa Claus had visited our patients and was on his way home, he noticed our little chapel.

When he asked if he could use it, I said yes, of course. I did not go in directly with him, but when I followed him a short time later I was so moved by what I saw there.

That’s right: When Santa Claus visited the children, he knelt down and prayed to Jesus for all the sick children.

It is a wonderful reminder of what the real reason for this festival is.”

The published photo with the touching words of Mariana quickly became a celebrity on the Internet.

Thousands of people shared the picture and showed their support for the man.

A photo that moves deeply.

All the people who have to spend their holidays in a hospital: A lot of power in this time.

In addition, we would like to thank all the medical staff in the countless clinics.


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