Seagull clawed Chihuahua who played in the garden and flied away…


The smaller a dog is, the greater are the chances that he will encounter enemies who are physically superior to him or her and can harm in some form.

Larger dogs do not only have the advantage of being perceived differently due to their complete stature, they also carry more weight, which makes them more stable.

In the following case a dog had to fight with this.

It all began with the little fur nose romping around in the garden in front of his owner, unsuspecting, but within seconds the situation changed completely.

For many people it is a familiar picture: You sit in the garden on the terrace and let your dog play or run around in the garden.

It is well known that dogs need a lot of exercise and in these moments you are not even forced to stand up, you can simply stay seated and watch the action in the garden calmly.

That’s probably what 24-year-old Becca Hill from the English coastal town of Paignton thought, but how Today this idyll was interrupted by an uninvited guest.

Accordingly Becca sat with her partner in the garden at the so-called “English Riviera” and both watched her beloved fur nose Gizmo playing.

Suddenly a seagull flew into the garden, grabbed the little Chihuahua and within seconds the bird disappeared together with the dog. Everything happened so fast that neither person could react.

The owner reported about the situation:

“My friend hung laundry in the garden when he suddenly saw [the seagull] in a nosedive.

Quelle : (Capture d’écran)

He carried Gizmo far away until we couldn’t see him anymore. I have no idea if he’s been dropped or where he is now.”

Last Sunday, a search operation was immediately initiated, during which the surrounding gardens, roofs and trees were searched, but unfortunately without success. Shortly before midnight the search was stopped.

The spreacker of Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) says :

“The whole thing must be very disturbing for the dog’s owners. Fortunately, such incidents are very rare and do not correspond to the typical behavior of seagulls.”

Unfortunately, Becca and her beloved Chihuahua had this bad luck, so she hopes to get tips for her dog through the social networks.

Picture : (Capture d’écran)

On a specialized for dogs Missing page the Englishwoman hopes to get a lead on her beloved fur nose.

We sincerely hope that Becca will soon be able to hold her Chihuahua in her arms again.

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