Shoe shop owner offers street dogs protection during the rain


Unfortunately, in many countries there are hundreds of homeless animals that don’t have safe place to live or  family to feed them.

Therefore it can also happen that animals are helpless during the  bad weather and can become ill, without anyone taking care of them. That’s why I think it’s great that there are also people who give everything to help these animals.

They don’t think much about it and they put all levers in motion to help these animals.

A good example of this is the owner of a shop in Oaxaca, Mexico, whose gesture not only melted my heart.

The owner of the “Juliancito” shoe shop in Oaxaca has become a real hero for all homeless animals when it became known that he offered them shelter during the stormy rainy days.

Most of the shops there would rather not have anything to do with the homeless dogs.

The “Juliancito” shop, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite: it opens its doors so that the dogs have a roof over their heads and don’t get wet or sick.

Whenever it starts to rain, the dogs can make themselves comfortable in the shop and they are very grateful for that.

When the animal welfare organization “Claws and Paws Connecting Love” heard about it, she immediately drove to the place and photographed the housed fur noses. When these were published shortly after, they went viral on the Internet.

With this new attention “Claws and Paws Connecting Love” wants to find people who are willing to adopt the homeless dogs. At the same time they promise to give the dogs to the future owner bathed, sterilized and vaccinated.

Fortunately in the meantime a suitable home could be found for all dogs and thanks to the animal-loving shoe shop owner they also survived the rainy days without any damage.

Hopefully, they’ll find a new home!

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