Single mother adopted boy and one year later adopted his sibling!


When Katie Price’s marriage broke down, she was just 30 years old and decided to start a whole new chapter in her life.

She moved to a new home in Colorado, USA, changed careers and decided to adopt a foster child. Katie had previously struggled with her fertility and had never let the subject of adoption out of her sight.

In 2016, Katie received information from the authorities that a four-day-old boy was left behind in a local hospital. Because he wasn’t named yet, she called him Grayson.

Katie raised this boy eleven months until a court ruled that the female parents were allowed to have contact with him.

At that point, Katie had no idea who it was actually going to be.

Katie really enjoyed being a mother and wanted to expand her family. After getting used to living with Grayson, she knew that she wanted to put a little sibling at his side for the next two years.

But just a month later she got a call. It was an employee of the same hospital Grayson was born in. A girl was born there.

After only a few hours the baby Hannah was brought home to Katie: She had a new mother and a brother immediately.

When Katie took a closer look at little Hannah’s hospital bracelet, she realized it was fate.

Because Hannah was Grayson’s biological siblings. They both had the same mother, but different fathers. And Katie had involuntarily made sure that both could grow up together.

A wonderful surprise for all involved. Once Hannah and Grayson are big and understand the background, they’ll be eternally grateful to Katie for making it possible to raise them both together.

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