St. Bernard enters his very first home: see his delightful reaction!


Dogs can be the most loyal and loving companions. They deserve a nice home where they can let off steam and feel good.

Unfortunately, so many dogs are denied this thing.

Cosmo, the peaceful giant of a dog, had a hard life with a dog breeder and never knew what it felt like to have a decent home.

YouTube / Le Dodo

One dogs Cosmo had given up and the breeder ended up in a animal shelter à Auburn, Nebraska, USA.

Despite his previous life one can see what a loving dog he is, so familiar to people and willing to give it back.

Cosmo, a St. Bernard dog that is two years old and weighs just under 60 kilograms, was discovered by a couple from the state of New York. They saw a picture of him and immediately fell in love.

YouTube / Le Dodo

His new mom, Jayne, drove all the way to Nebraska to pick him up and as you can see in the video she is nervous and excited to meet him.

Unsafe with stairs

When you see how the two meet for the first time, you immediately notice that they are made for each other. Cosmo rolls directly to the side and Jayne strokes her belly.

When Cosmo first enters a real home, his reaction is priceless. He’s very insecure about everything, even the stairs.

YouTube / Le Dodo

It is obvious that he has never had a real home before and his reaction is simply enchanting.

Experience the first moments of Cosmo in his new home by watching the following video.

Unfortunately, there are many breeding institutions, which treat their dogs only very badly. Although Cosmo is such a handsome and lovable dog, he has never received real trust and love before.

If you see his reaction and how insecure he is with all the new things, you know what life he had to lead before.

We wish Cosmo and his new family all the best!

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