Street dog was poured over with tar & was about to die, rescue was captured with cell phone!


The brutal acts against animals are more than just incomprehensible. It’s hard to understand that some people don’t think about animals having feelings.

When this poor four-legged friend was found hidden in a dark corner, the animal rights activists were shocked by his condition.

Someone had attacked her with hot asphalt and burned half her body with the tar.

Rescuers did everything they could to bring her back to life.

Thaïland : The suffering dog was found in a dark corner, rolled up and unable to leave the alley behind a gas station in Ang Thong, Thailand.

Her back half of her body and hind legs were badly burned and covered with hot tar. Just as she hid in the dark alleyway, it can be assumed that the street dog has prepared herself for dying.

Asana Pomloy found the scrawny street dog and refused to give her up. She pulled dog out of their dark corner.

“I found her and she was in pain. The employees of the gas station said that she must have been there for two days already. It must have been a real ordeal for her”, explains the animal rights activist at Fusées éclairantes.

The dog was taken to an animal clinic and reared for months.

Asana suspects that construction workers working near the gas station were responsible.

A new home

“There are construction works nearby and it is possible that one of the workers there attacked her with tar and she ran away. Probably the many street dogs disturb the construction workers.”

The dog, named Ma-Toi, was kept overnight in the veterinary clinic, after which she was transferred to the Heart Hugs Dogs- animal welfare organisation brought.

Head of the facility, Thannawar Thoophom, later said that it would take a few days for scared dogs to regain confidence and treat their wounds.

Now she’s fine and her wounds are healing.

“Your story has touched so many dog lovers. Many of them wanted to adopt her. But before that happens, she must completely recover, then she will get a new loving home.”

Thanks to all those who immediately and selflessly took care of the poor bitch.

Together for the protection of animals!


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