Thank you. Thank you, dog Karli got his wheelchair


Immediately the four-legged friend was brought to Austria and given into the care of the animal protection association PFOTENHILFE Lochen.

Without the help of animal lovers  Karli would not have been able to get a wheelchair.

Thanks to countless donors there is now the good news! But the little one is still looking for a loving home.

Austria: Karli’s hind legs and tail were chopped off. Animal rights activists found the poor dog in Romania.

Last week, there was a call the PFOTENHILFE told that the little dog absolutely needs help. It was asked for donations, which should bring a wheelchair for Karli, so that the four-legged friend can run again.

Now the Austrian news portal can spread the good news. Karli got his wheelchair thanks to all the generous animal lovers!

As the portal writes, Karlis’s story touched animal lovers, “even as far as Germany.” All the news we have received from the editorial staff shows that you have an important part in it. Thank you.

Source: PFOTENHILFE Perforating

Thank you. Thank you. Karli got his wheelchair

J├╝rgen Stadler, managing director of the animal welfare association PFOTENHILFE Lochen, “thank youfor the great help”.

For Stadler and his wife Johanna, all the support and generosity is a truly touching experience.

Thanks to all the donations Karli will soon get his wheelchair and can start physiotherapy.

“Countless animal lovers have contacted us and offered their support! We are very happy that Karli will soon be able to start physiotherapy.

Our animal keepers are very busy around the clock for the cute little guy. On the weekend he was even allowed to make a trip to the lake”.

Karli’s hind legs were chopped off.

The fur nose will surely enjoy all the care and attention of the animal keepers very much. When the rescuers found him in Romania, his condition was generally very bad.

He must have been abused and neglected for years. Until the masters became angry and punished him by cutting off Karli’s tail and hind legs.

Karli is looking for a loving home

Thanks to all the support, Karli can now make big steps so that he can soon rage through the area again. Unfortunately he has not found a new loving home yet.

The PFOTENHILFE Lochen is happy to accept serious enquiries. their website or Facebook.

It should be clear that Karli will require more effort and a lot of time.

We keep our fingers crossed that Karli will soon find a loving home!

Thanks to all those who took care of Karli, cared for him and donated for him.


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