The owner hug his dog to decrease the level of stress, because of fireworks, but that didn’t help…


It won’t be long before millions of families around the world are sitting quietly and joyfully under their Christmas trees celebrating Christmas.

These hours are not only for us humans a time to come down after a strenuous year, also for animals the days mean a celebration full of love and affection, but only a few days later the worst hours of the year begin for many animals: the loud New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.

Because dogs or cats cannot know why such excitement suddenly prevails and because loud noises accompany the evening in addition to the many lights, they often panic.

Unfortunately, the dog  Magui also had to experience this.

Magui lived with her family in Esquel, Argentina, a small town in the northwest of Fujijama province.

Torments of hell through fireworks

There a firework was ignited, which the old dog  did not like so much, so she got several panic attacks and had to go through agony.

Even when the son of the family lay down with the poor boxer, things didn’t get better and the dog couldn’t calm down.

On Facebook Antonella Modasjazh, the mother of the family, showed the heart-rending pictures of the last hours of Magui.

Because of the noise she suffered a heart attack, from which she unfortunately also died in the end.

In the social medium Modasjazh complained that they had called several veterinarians, but nobody wanted to help her and the poor dog.

As a result, the animal welfare organisation Adoptá-Esterilizá-Educá (ADAE) shared their photos to once again point out in a Facebook post how terrible fireworks are for animals and how much they suffer as a result:


“The fireworks scared the old dog off and brought her into an intolerable panic. Fun turned into bitter earnestness. Magui died in the arms of her owner. The family is desperate and helpless in the face of this death.

They lost a family member, a valuable one. Your pet, a friend, a wonderful  dog… What does it take to understand that fireworks are harmful to her? We’ll never stop pointing that out: Say no to fireworks.”

A terrible idea of what the poor dog had to go through in her last hours on earth.

Rest in peace, poor furry nose.

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