Things that break dog’s heart


If we have a pet at home, there are certain things we don’t do well with them, even if our intention is the best. On many occasions we are playing with our friends’ feelings, even if we don’t realize it. And I’ll tell you we’ll be disappointed and we’ll break the heart.

Some things and daily actions must be softened or avoided, in order to do no harm the heart of our friend.

The reward for the call

Many times we call our friend and he comes right away. It’s important to give him a gift when he comes in this way. The gift can be a caress. That’s the key, rewarding so as not to break the animal’s heart. If we call him and immediately give him a bath, for example, knowing that this activity is not pleasant for him, he will associate the call with something that is not pleasant for him. We must never punish him when he comes to our notice, under any circumstances.

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When the dog is still a puppy it is normal for him to get excited if he comes home, so it is not unusual for him to walk over the guests. Although this behavior cannot be tolerated, it is recommended not to shout. The best we can do is ignore it and talk to guests to ask them not to consent and pay attention when the dog is still.

Rubbing your nose or muzzle

Some owners have a bad habit of rubbing the muzzle of their pet, their dog, when they do something wrong. For example, if you do your business in the wrong place. However, with this kind of attitude the dog will never learn. There are many other ways to teach you and train you on where to do your needs.

The strap and the tugs

You shouldn’t let the dog pull too much on the leash. If your dog does it, it’s best to stop and stand under a tree. Wait a minute, when he looks, you can follow the road. If you’ll do this exercise several times, you dog will understand that whenever you have this behavior, the ride will stop.

If we are the ones who are throwing him a lot, he will feel a violence to which he is probably not used to, and maybe react violently too, or you will feel sad and sore.

The confinement

When your dog makes a mistake, you don’t have to lock him in a cage or a room. It leads nowhere and will not help your dog learn. The ideal is to teach and train through positive reinforcement.

The most important thing is that the animal goes assimilating the teachings. Your dog will not understand that the confinement is due to his misconduct.

The daily walk

Among the things our mascot loves the most is his daily walk. Many dogs live all day waiting for the time to leave. They need to release energy, so one of the main activities we should do with it is to take it for a walk or a run.

Punishing him without his daily walk, besides being absurd, does not fulfill any objective. On the contrary, one of the main reasons our friend has behavioral problems is because he doesn’t release the energy. So you have to take a walk, help him release his adrenaline.

Punishment for chewing

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Dogs always have an uncontrollable desire to chew, especially when they are puppies. That is why we must never punish them for doing so. We must know that chewing is a necessity for them.

The best measure is to buy special toys to chew on and put in a place inaccessible to them what they should not bite. This way, they will focus their attention on the toys they have within their reach.

Breaking promises breaks the heart

If we want the animal to have full confidence in us, we can’t break promises or break promises.. If you tell to the dog “go”, and he associates the word with his walk, we cannot then suppress the walk. In addition to frustration, the dog will gradually lose confidence in us.

The same happens with a treats, we won’t show you a snack if you’re not going to give it to them or if we’re going to keep them waiting half an hour to give it to them. This type of action will go making our dog distrustful, reserved, and less sociable every time.

We must be vigilant in delivering what we”promise”.


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