Truck driver rescued 64 pets from dangerous hurricane


The black sky reared up threateningly behind him as Tony Alsup stepped on the gas pedal. He sat at the wheel of a typical American school bus, but there was nothing typical about this trip.

There were no school children whining on the benches. The passengers barked and meowed, while the threatening storm in the rear-view mirror became smaller and smaller.

Alsup calls his passengers the “leftovers”. Someone had to take care of them while hurricane Florence devastated the east coast of the USA.

“Nothing is easier for people than to adopt the little pets, the sweet and cuddly ones,” says the trucker. “We take in those who deserve a chance, even though they’re big and maybe a little ugly. But I love big dogs, and we find them a new home.”

He rescued 64 dogs and cats from shelters that were in the way of Hurricane Florence and brought them with his school bus to a refuge in Alabama. It was his destiny to help the animals, Alsup said.

Improvised rescue vehicle

The 51-year-old trucker from Greenback in the American state of Tennessee had come all the way to South Carolina to save the “leftovers”.

He bought the old school bus for $3,200 when his truck became too small for his rescue operations. Hurricane Florence is not the first force of nature that the animal lover has defied with his heart of gold for the sake of his pets.

Sometimes he brings supplies to the disaster areas. He takes the animals out with him every time.

“I love it,” says the savior. “People don’t believe me. They think it’s crazy. No, not at all. [The Dogs] know I’m the alpha animal, and I won’t hurt them.”

Tony Alsup is a true hero who defies wind and weather to help those no one else thinks of.

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