U.S. police department released this mugshot

Das ist Bean. Er streunte durch ein paar Gärten, bevor die Polizei ihn ergriff – und per Mugshot nach seinem Herrchen suchte
This is Bean. He wandered through a few gardens before the police grabbed him – and searched for his master by MugshotFoto: Cape May N.J. Police Department

Drug offense? Robbery? Shoplifting? What guilt has this cute pug with his big, innocent eyes got on him…

Cape May, New Jersey – A police station in the USA has published a dog’s mugshot on its Facebook page. His misconduct: He had wandered around various gardens.

The Department of Cape May in New Jersey wrote: “This is what happens when you run away from home. This guy sneaked across the properties on 1300th block of New Jersey Avenue.” Then the police ask the owner to report. The hashtag to call it is #pugmug.

The salvation for the pug.

His people hear about the Facebook search report and contact the police station. The dog’s name is Bean. The officers post the success story and write:”His bail was paid in dog biscuits.”

Two nights in jail! Bean will certainly think twice about running away from home from now on.


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