USA: Dog is tied to power box with cable & strangles himself, car driver intervenes immediately!


Anyone who is clearly in the stronger position and then shamelessly exploits it to harm someone with it should not actually get away with it.

Especially when the victim is a poor, innocent animal that cannot assert itself against a human being and must therefore suffer agony. At least until rescue arrives or it’s already too late.

In the following case, which occurred in the USA, the help of an attentive man fortunately came at just the right time before it would have been too late for a tortured dog.

If you see a crime or injustice somewhere, you should be aware that you have at least two possibilities that you can immediately put into practice: Either you step into action and help yourself or you get help.

How Violent reported, David Fredman thank God decided on the first option when he became aware of a dog on his way to work in the city of Independence, Missouri.

So David could see out of the car window a dog tied to the side of the road. But not because he was supposed to wait for his owner, but apparently to die there miserably.

Strangulated on power box

Because the poor dog was so tied to the power box with a cable that his paws just came to the ground. At the same time he tried to free himself by shaking, but that made his breathing worse and worse.

When David saw how much the dog was suffering, he did not hesitate a second and stopped near the dog and called for help.

Next he got out and carefully approached the suffering dog. He was still struggling with the much too short cable, which caused him to hang on to his own weight and possibly suffocate.

David did the right thing at that moment and cut the cable with a pocket knife and loosened the noose from the dog’s neck:

“When he got loose, he couldn’t breathe at first. He tried to breathe, but he couldn’t. Then I tried to make him leave, but he was too weak.”

Then David brought the poor fur nose to an animal shelter, where he was examined by a veterinarian. He found a microchip implanted under the skin of the dog. With the help of this transmitter, the owner could quickly be found who had been missing him for hours.

While one waited locally for the owner, could be found out that the name of the dog Max was. Although his owner was extremely relieved to take his poor dog back into his arms, at the same time he was shaken by the imprint of the cable on his neck.

Possibly kidnapping.

After careful consideration, it became clear to everyone involved that Max was far too far away from home, and that he could never have covered such a distance in such a short time.

Someone must have left him as kidnapped and near the highway to leave him there to his fate and presumably his death.

It is still not known who the perpetrator was and why he treated Max that way.

One can only be grateful to David that he freed Max from this potentially fatal situation and stepped in so courageously.

On the other hand, you can’t believe why a human would act like that and bring a guiltless dog to the brink of death.

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