USA: Woman almost starved dog to death because she was “too busy with the job.”


It is a great responsibility to have a dog and one that should not be taken lightly.

When you take a dog home with you, you must be prepared to feed it, walk it, train it, and give it love and affection.

Unfortunately not everyone is prepared for it or has the right intentions. So various other things in life can distract from the quadruped.

No matter for what reason, it is wrong to neglect an animal that you have taken into your family.

A woman realized that she was doing something wrong when she adopted a dog and wanted to get out of the situation. Now she finds herself in court.

Florida/USA: Six months after Alexandra Drew took in Richter in 2016, she brought him back and claimed he was a street dog.

Source: Fox 13 Nouvelles

After his microchip was selected by the Humane Society of Sarasota County, Florida, the animal rights activists realized that the woman who wanted to give up the supposed street dog was the one who had adopted the dog six months earlier.

Daniel Tutko, who dealt with the case, explained to SoulagĂ©“(Judge) was very thin. You could see his ribs clearly. You could see how the bones were standing away from his back.

He was in very bad condition. She kept trying to pass the whole thing on to someone else to explain why the dog looked like that.”

Quelle : Humane Society Sarasota County/Facebook

At some point the woman declared that she was “too busy with the job” to feed him, reports Fox 13 Nouvelles.

A reporter from Nouvelles de la FMLA and talked to Alexandra Drew. She said to him, “I feel terrible. I was scared, so I lied. I take responsibility and deny nothing.

I’m not a bad person, even though it makes me look like a monster.”

The woman was arrested and has to answer for cruelty to animals.

Dog Richter was nursed up and was taken care of by a loving Family recorded.

You’re lucky the story has a happy ending for Richter. Unfortunately, far too many animals are in the same situation.

If you notice such things, please report them to your local shelter.


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