Warning: in Germany was found virus which is deadly for dogs!


When we humans take a dog into our family, he quickly becomes a full member.

Accordingly, it is also one of our greatest wishes to make sure that our faithful four-legged friends are doing well.

In the district Gießen, in Hessen, dog owners should become more careful up-to-date. Aujeszky’s disease has been confirmed in a wild boar.

This is harmless for humans, but can be fatal for dogs.

Hessen, Germany: In the district of Gießen, an antibody test was carried out on a hunted wild boar. This is reported by Giessen General.

This test showed that the dead animal had antibodies against Aujeszky’s disease in its body.

This disease is a highly contagious viral disease that affects many mammalian species and can be fatal to dogs.

People don’t have to worry about this disease.

But it was precisely because of the susceptibility of dogs that the Veterinary Office of the Landreis issued a warning.

If such antibodies are detected in an animal, this is a strong indication of infection with the virus.

Beware of forest walks

Aujeszky’s disease is caused by a pig-specific herpes virus infection. However, infected wild boar show no symptoms of disease.

Since the virus remains in the animal’s body for its entire life, it can also be passed on at any time.

Under stress, the virus can be reactivated in animals and is then excreted via secretions.

Even though Aujeszky is not harmful to wild boars or humans, animals such as dogs or cats become infected with Aujeszky and show rabies-like symptoms.

Itching, change of character, no appetite, vomiting and paralysis are the result. Infected dogs die within a few days.

While the veterinary office takes more samples in order to determine the extent of dissemination, it asks for caution.

Since the virus is present in the nervous system of affected animals and thus gets into organs and muscles, dogs absorb it via raw meat or raw offal.

If infected wild boars excrete the virus via secretions in stressful situations, dogs can even become infected via contact with them.

So dog owners and straight hunters, who have dogs with itself on the hunt, are to be particularly careful in the circle pouring, if they are with their faithful quadrupeds in the forest on the way.

To all dog owners in the circle Gießen, be careful!

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