What should you know before adopting a puppy?


When important holidays, such as Christmas, are approaching, many people have the idea of adding a new member to the family: a dog puppy. However, the fact remains that this is a decision to be considered. There is no point in rushing and we need to make sure what is being done.

When a puppy is adopted, it is assumed that the dog will live with its new family for the rest of its life, which will hopefully be about 12 or 15 years old. is a very important commitment. Therefore, you should take these tips into account before getting your hands on a calf:

Analyze your day-to-day life before adopting a puppy

With the arrival of a dog your life will change. Many owners adopt or buy a farm and then are surprised that dogs can bite or break things. If you adopt a puppy you need to know that some routines in your life will change.

Living with a dog has its advantages and disadvantages. Besides, although the puppies are not yet out in the street, they are animals that require a lot of time and attention inside the house for his youth. So, before you add a dog to your life, you should think about it and find out if you’re going to have 4 or 5 hours a day to devote to it.

But when they grow up they still need attention and go out for a walk, which, by the way, is even a healthy habit for people. So think about your schedule and your way of life.

Do you have that time to devote? How many hours does the dog have to spend alone at home? If you can’t include a puppy in your day-to-day life, maybe it would be a better idea to save it for later..

Where to choose your puppy

You know that your life can accept a dog breeding, so the next question is oriented to what path you are going to take to get it. There are currently two options: buy or adopt. The general advice, unless you want a very specific type of dog, is to adopt. There are thousands of animals looking for a home, and your home is looking for an animal.

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In either case, I’m going to have to say, you need to know where your puppy is and how he is living. Find out what kind of animals they usually have, what their facilities are like, and ask about the adoption process.

A responsible caretaker should inform you where the animal you are being given for adoption has come from, what your specific health status is, and what commitments you make before you adopt a puppy. For example: how many shots you have, when was your last worming and whether you will need to have it sterilized in the future.

In case you want to buy a puppy, go directly to a breeder and do not buy puppies of window dressing. A professional breeder should allow you to meet his mother and siblings, as well as visit their facilities.. If you ask to get in touch with other previous buyers to tell you about their experience, you should not be prevented from doing so.

What kind of puppy

Sometimes it’s hard to know the size of a puppy as an adult. In the case of the breeders or breed dogs is usually more predictable than in mongrel dogs. Before you adopt a puppy, find out what you can about that dog’s genetics..

In the case of mestizos, it is sometimes necessary to be guided by intuition and if you have any doubts, which is usual in the case of crosses due to their different genetics, you should consult a veterinarian or a canine educator.

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Knowing the genetics before adopting a puppy will allow you to find out its size and approximate weight.but also what kind of illnesses you may have or even behavioral problems. Only then can you be sure that you are choosing a partner with whom you will fit in completely.

Breeds tend to have a distinctive character and behaviour or more frequent health problemsand this genetics can be inherited by mongrel dogs. For example, terrier dogs tend to be strong and barking dogs. A half-breed terrier is likely to inherit this character and this tendency to bark.

Education for your puppy

Baby dogs are babies when they come to your house.. A dog is considered a puppy until it is about seven months old and adolescent until it turns one and a half or even two years old. When a puppy comes to your house he doesn’t know anything, so it’s up to you to teach him everything.

To prevent problems while you are young and when you are an adult find out what education you need to give her and how to. Please note that traditional methods, such as scolding or rubbing his nose if he pees indoors, are outdated and outdated. troublesome when the dog grows up.

Before you adopt a calf, make sure it is the best one for you. learning you can give him. There are books that can help you and in many cities there are canine educators who offer classes for puppies.

Prepare the house to adopt a puppy

Before the adopted puppy arrives at your home, you must condition it for him. Among the whole family decide what rules you want to set and be consistent with them.

Protect all things that can be bitten or broken to prevent accidents.. Look for toys that you can break, beds or resting places and different objects or food that you can gnaw and bite on. Decide where he’s going to go. comer and sleep.

Get ahead of everything that can go wrong and pave the way for it to go right.. But always keep in mind that he is a puppy and is expected to be wrong. Be patient with your doggy baby. Learn to educate him painlessly and respectfully and you two will have many happy years ahead of you.


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