When to take the dog to the vet

Cuándo llevar a mi perro al veterinario

The health the dog is a fundamental aspect to be taken into account and should never be neglected, even though it appears to be healthy. The frequency with which we should visit the vet depends on factors such as the dog’s age, breed, and medical history, and we should take the dog to the vet regularly for a check-up even if we detect no suspicious symptoms. It is probable that our dog suffers from a problem that endangers his well-being, and that we do not know, so it can only be detected by a specialist. In addition, we must also be aware of any symptoms that may indicate the presence of any disease or physical problem.

If you’re wondering when to take your dog to the vet and you want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to ensure it’s in good condition, read on to read this article from unComo.com where we’ve explained it to you.

According to the age of your dog

How often should you take my dog to the vet? The answer to this question depends, in the first place, on the age of our dog, although as a general rule you should visit it a at least once a year. These check-ups are very important to prevent illness as well as to detect any problems as early as possible. This type of check-up is most often carried out on puppies and older dogs, as both stages are the ones where our dog undergoes the most changes and may suffer the most health problems.


The veterinarian performs parasite deworming internal and external to the dog to avoid any congenital problems, as well as to provide recommendations to provide adequate nutrition to the puppy according to his specific needs and other advice that may be helpful.


After the dog reaches adulthood, we should take it to the vet for a comprehensive checkup once a year even though he’s in good health. This is the only way to guarantee your well-being and to intervene in the event that you suffer from a health problem that we do not know about. In this way, in case of any problem we could intervene quickly to increase the chances of our dog healing.

In these periodic check-ups the eyes, ears, mouth, skin, nails, coat, lungs, cardiovascular system, blood pressure, faeces and urine and other assessments are usually checked than the vet.

Pregnant dog

We are in favour of adopting pets instead of breeding, as these practices often end up with abandoned dogs or with people who do not have sufficient resources to support their young and cannot devote the time they need to care for them. In this article we explain to you how to adopt an abandoned dog. However, in the event that a person decides to breed, it is essential to go to the veterinarian for follow-up and advice.

Older dogs

Older dogs are considered to be those that are older than 7 years of age. They must undergo check-ups due to the wear and tear that occurs in their body from that moment on. Some of the most frequent diseases when  dog reaches this age are osteoarthritis, digestive problems, heart disease, etc..

In any case, you should talk to your vet about how often to take your dog with you.

Cuándo llevar a mi perro al veterinario - Según la edad de nuestro perro

When to take the dog to the vet

These are the most common conditions that people take their dogs to the vet, so knowing what they are and what they are about will help you find them in your dog.


Dogs love to walk around the house looking for things to bite, sniff, and play with. Therefore, in the event that you detect that your dog may have come in contact with any of the following toxic substance  such as a detergent, rat poison or other, go to your vet to make sure your dog is not harmed by poisoning. It is also advisable to have hydrogen peroxide on hand in case you need to induce vomiting on occasion.

Vomiting and diarrhea

This is one of the most common symptoms that dogs can suffer, although they do not usually indicate, in most cases, serious problems. If you detect that your dog suffers from diarrhoea and vomiting, wait a few hours to prevent him from eating any food but ensure that he has access to water. Yes, I do you detect the presence of other symptoms such as pain or tremors is when you should take your dog to the vet, as this can lead to more serious problems. In this article we explain to you the reasons why your dog has diarrhea.


In the event that you know that your dog has been hit, either by or from a fight with another dog. You should take him to the vet as soon as possible, as he may suffer from internal injuries that are not visible to the naked eye, such as lung injuries. In addition, injuries that can be seen externally can be more serious than they appear, so veterinary care is very important.

In other cases, the owner may not have visualized any trauma, but you may see symptoms of pain or lack of appetite that alert us that something is happening to our dog.

Breathing problems

Breathing difficulty known as dyspnea usually manifests itself as wheezing, weak breathing, or chokingand can be caused by an object that is blocking the airway. In case of detecting these symptoms we can check our dog’s mouth and throat for the presence of any foreign body but in no case should we try to remove it, since we could make the object go further in. That is why it is another case where we have to go to the vet.

Cuándo llevar a mi perro al veterinario - Cuándo llevar a mi perro al veterinario

Other reasons to go to the vet

Neurological problems

These are the ones that involve coordination problems, disorientation etc. They are easy to detect because the dog’s behaviour is not the same as usual and does not respond in the same way to stimuli, such as our call. These symptoms are considered serious and if you are wondering when to take your dog to the vet this is one of the reasons.


Seizures involve tremors, agitation, loss of control of the sphincters and loss of consciousness. Although it is a neurological problem, it is one of the most common and needs immediate veterinary attention. The cause behind this symptom most often lies in the epilepsy. However, once it has been diagnosed in your dog, the seizures will not be an emergency, as they usually go away. If your dog has convulsions for more than 24 hours or if they last more than two minutes, you should also see your vet. In this article we explain to you how to detect if your dog has epilepsy.

Eye problems

They are one of the most common problems in dogs, which see their eyesight impaired. These problems often involve loss of sight or blindnessand one of the most common diseases is glaucoma. Some of the symptoms that alert dogs to eye problems are redness of the eyes, excessive tearing, swelling, and discharge.

Urinary problems

It usually manifests as a lack of urine due to obstructions and can be very serious, so this is another reason to take your dog to the vet. The symptoms are lack of urine or presence of urine in the bloodand can cause a urinary tract infection or urinary stones.

Cuándo llevar a mi perro al veterinario - Otros motivos para ir al veterinario



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