Woman couldn’t believe where the dog was hiding!


For most families with pets, a new family member can be a challenge. If you introduce a new baby to the dog or cat, for example, this can lead to uncertainty, as you can never say exactly how the animal will react.

As a rule, such an acquaintance runs without difficulties, however, one should be careful at the beginning if one leaves the pet alone with the child.

For one family, this meeting was particularly easy because the family dog became the biggest protector of the new family member, Addison.

One day the mother was looking for the dog and couldn’t believe her eyes when she finally found it.

Kristin Leigh Rhynehart was afraid one day that her dog had been lost and got really nervous because she couldn’t find him.

Source: Kristin Leigh/Facebook

The mother from North Carolina adopted the dog named Raven ten years earlier and did not regret her decision for a second.

Raven also showered the family that finally saved him with much love and loyalty.

Panic breaks out

While her little daughter Addison was sleeping, Kristin was looking for Raven to play with him. But he could not be found. She quickly became nervous and searched every room, looked outside too, but couldn’t find him.

The only room she hadn’t checked up to that point was her daughter’s. When she opened the door, she was speechless, for she had not counted on this sight.

That’s where Raven and Addison were sleeping under the same roof.

When Kristin went into the room, Raven raised his head briefly to check who had just come into the room. But when he noticed that it was Kristin and therefore no danger, he closed his eyes again and continued with his nap.

Source: kristinnc2002/YouTube.com

So Kristin could relax, her beloved dog took care of her beloved daughter.

“Ten years ago I saved this little furry nose and I often wonder… who saved who? I gave him a home, but he gave me a lot more,” Kristin said to him. Cutestpaw.

Fortunately, she was able to film this sweet moment and then publish the video, which went virally on the Internet without further ado. To date, more than six million people have seen this wonderful video.

Dogs are very loyal friends. The little child is lucky to have this cute dog as a guard.

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