Woman had 220 hapless dates with men, she decides to marry her dog


Many people dream of a life for two. The fact that a certain bit of luck is also needed for this is only noticeable to most people after a certain amount of time.

Before that, however, the majority of people try to find a partner by any means possible and are often surprised that it does not work, even though there were reservations before. You have to cut back in some ways, but you can’t lose yourself.

A woman from England had tried it over years with men and went on countless dates, but the dream man was simply not there.

But so that she doesn’t have to spend the rest of her life alone, she came up with a somewhat unorthodox idea.

If you decide to take in a dog in your family, you can be quite sure that this fur nose will spend the rest of its life there as long as nothing dramatic comes up.

But a woman living in England now wants to go one step further, as the star reported.

Elizabeth Hoad therefore not only wants to keep her six-year-old Golden Retriever under her roof, but also wants to marry him.

After 220 dates in eight years with the most different men her dream man was so far not yet with her, why she would like to make now with her over all beloved dog the union of the marriage.

Asked about her plan, she said:

“I’m done with men.

He doesn’t leave my side and we love each other. It feels right. It’s my way of saying we’ll always be together.”

It is planned that her Golden Retriever will wear a top hat, a waistcoat and a bow tie at the wedding and will wear a gold bracelet instead of a wedding ring.

The wedding’s already started. 20 guests will be present and the honeymoon will take place in a (of course) dog-friendly hotel.

The only obstacle could still be the local priest. Elizabeth has to convince him to marry her and her dog, then nothing stands in the way of a future together as a spouse.

The 49-year-old had previously saved her retriever from falling asleep, he was even imprisoned and beaten by his previous owners.

If he didn’t get enough love then, he can now be sure to get it in abundance from Elizabeth.

It will be interesting to see whether the priest will give his blessing to them and what this marriage will look like.

Either way, we wish them all the happiness in the world.

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