Woman left her dog with her daddy for the weekend she received a surprising SMS.


Giving your baby into the care of other people is particularly nerve-racking for young parents. Over time, however, you get used to it and especially appreciate the people in your life who take on this responsibility.

As so often one can transfer these thoughts and feelings also to animal family members. Dogs are more independent than babies, but it is good to know that someone is taking care of them in our absence.

Meghan Specksgoor had to go to New York for the weekend and didn’t want to leave her dog at home alone.

Her father gladly agreed to take care of the four-legged friend. It didn’t take long before Meghan received a remarkable text message…

Meghan Specksgoor does not take her responsibility as a pet owner lightly. The trained fitness trainer loves her work and her active lifestyle, but she prefers to spend her free time with her dog Chance.

Picture: Meghan Specksgoor

It is difficult for her to be separated from her beloved chance, but luckily she has a person in her life who likes to take care of her four-legged friend in her absence.

Because Chance gets on very well with her dad, too. That became clear to her once again when she had to leave the city a while ago and gave her dog into the care of her father.

“If I’m good, I can eat ice cream”

On her arrival, Meghan expected a picture of Chance with the following words:

Hello, Mom, it’s me again. We had a picnic and we’re going to the nail salon. Grandpa said if I’m good, I can eat ice cream when I’m done. What kind do I like again?

“Grandpa will sleep with me tonight”

Meghan’s father kept his daughter up to date with several such news, so she could be sure that her furry buddy was missing nothing without her.

Hey, mom, grandpa’s gonna sleep over tonight, do we have to tell him anything? I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. See you tomorrow and good night, love you sooo much

Chance and Meghan are one heart and one soul – and the mistress’s daddy is the best dog sitter you can wish for. Share this post if you like his original idea!


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