Woman saved dog from putting asleep, 2 weeks later this dog brought 18 puppies into the world!


Dog friend Ashley Holland could not allow the pregnant Ava to put asleep. The reason for her death sentence? Lack of space at the animal shelter.

So she decided to save her life. But how many If I saved her life with it, she didn’t know.

Euthanasia due to lack of space

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There was only one thing waiting for Ava at the shelter: the lethal injection. The dog should be put down to make room for other dogs.

The fact that she was pregnant did not play a role in the decision. Her fate was sealed – at least that’s what it seemed.

But when Ashlee made her acquaintance, she just couldn’t accept it.

“No dog deserves to be put down for space,” Ashlee says.

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So Ashlee saved pregnant Ava from the needle and took her to the vet for a routine checkup. It was obvious that the dog was expecting puppies, but how big the offspring would be was difficult to estimate.

Two weeks later the contractions began. Within a few hours Ava had given birth to the first puppy, and in the following hour four more followed. After a one-hour break, two more four-legged friends saw the light of day. She had given birth to seven puppies – and Ashlee assumed it was done.

She changed sheets and started washing Ava, while the freshly baked mother took care of her offspring.

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But as it turned out, Ava was far from finished. Overnight she gave birth to eight more puppies, until a few hours later three more appeared.

Altogether Ava was now mother of proud eighteen Puppies!

Ashlee said, “It’s like heaven. It’s a bunch of puppies – that’s as good as it gets.”

YouTube / Daily Viral News

It was Ashlee’s nine-year-old’s job to name the puppies. He relied primarily on the names of his favorite Kansas City Royals baseball players.

Each of the puppies soon found a new home and Ashlee was proud to have saved not just one but 19 lives.

Without Ashlee’s compassion, Ava would have been euthanized for lack of space and would never have shared her 18 miracles with the world.

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